Our Mission

We are a modern Medical Clinic

Welcome to DeMoss Chiropractic in the great city of Orange. We look forward to serving you and your family in the near future. My family moved here in 1972 and I have been serving my community since 1997.


It is my goal to help others obtain health naturally. Our office uses the latest technology to find the root of your health challenges. I have invested in the best equipment that is available today and continue to educate myself on the latest techniques and procedures. My immediate family has four chiropractors, some say we are one of the largest chiropractic families in this profession and we truly love what we do.

I have been told by our patients may times over that we are far more thorough than any other chiropractic experience prior to visiting our office, this is what sets us apart from other chiropractors.

About Me

Just so you know what to expect from me, I am a Christian, a family man married 13 years with 2 great children. I approach your health with a positive attitude and excitement! Our office employs the same virtues.

I have lived in Orange for almost 44 years now and I feel like I know people everywhere I go, it’s great! I feel like a big part of this community.

One of my favorite ways to promote my office is public speaking. Over the years I have spoke at numerous businesses, churches and schools to educate more people about Chiropractic. Educating others is a doctor’s most important job.

Demoss Chiropractic